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"Where Are The Joneses? is an online, interactive, fictional, daily comedy improvised and collaboratively written by the Where Are the Joneses community, which is you – the public!"

The story centres around Dawn Jones who has just found out that she is the product of a sperm donor and feels her true calling in life is to find her 27 brothers and sisters from the same donor in a comedy road trip across Europe.

Where Are The Joneses? was devised by David Bausola of digital agency Imagination Group as a way for Ford to reach the social media generation. It is a text book example of a hands off sponsor allowing an agency the chance to create a truly innovative series. It is funded by Ford and features a Ford Ka, but it doesn't suffer for it. Despite it's yet unmatched use of social media it is chiefly remembered as the series that very few people saw. Whilst there was some very sound thinking and preparation behind the series in terms of audience participation, the team assumed that if the series existed the audience would find it. In some ways their mistake is how we learned that distribution partners are a major part of guaranteeing an audience.

The principle idea behind the series was that the scripts were created using a wiki and any member of the community could contribute to the writing or put themselves forward as a performer. In practice the number of participators is likely to have been few and strict script editing would have been required to keep the quality up. It was a funny series, but the wiki nature made it inconsistent and meant that the tone of the comedy wasn't fixed. The central premise of two characters on the road was simple and effective (cost effective) and it must have been fun to be on the road and receiving the new scripts day by day.

Where Are The Joneses? was distributed across many platforms:

MySpace -

YouTube -

Facebook - (go online and search for Dawn Jones. She appears at the top of the search list).

Flickr -

Twitter - (Dawn)

Twitter - (Ian)

Blog -

Wiki - - (bookmarks)

Platial - (map of their journey)