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Part one of a five video series that were supposed to be real but were a campaign for Domino's Pizza. MacKenzie is upset when her dad buys her a brand new Saab. It's the wrong colour!

In the same vein as LonelyGirl 15 and The Blair Witch Project, this pretends its real for as long as it can. This is a very common approach in early web drama for a number of reasons.

  • 1. In this case as a commercial, it removes some of the stigma of it being an advert. It is disguised as UGC.
  • 2. It becomes instantly 'webby', ie, it eschews professional values and uses common tools like a low res camera to shoot it - see blog.
  • 3. It becomes self promoting as audiences forward it, little knowing they are doing the advertisers work for them. Even when the scam is revealed people still want to see it to see if they would have been fooled. This is the basis of the then new black art of viral marketing.

In her blog about working on the campaign Rachel Clarke describes how it became viral independent of the marketers. You can hear the penny dropping. Audiences naturally hated MacKenzie for being such a brat and couldn't believe her ingratitude. The campaign was called Anything Goes and it offered any topping for $9.99. IN addition to making the series of videos about MacKenzie Dominos auctioned expensive items on Ebay for $9.99, including the Red Saab.