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This campaign for Nokia 7610 handsets was a truly global transmedia project in 10 different languages over 6 weeks with over 3000 bits of media.

Somebody Else's Phone was devised by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy London and could be consumed on mobile phones, on a website that allowed you to look through three characters phones and with character pages on Facebook. It was also promoted in print, on bus stops and in TV and radio spots. This kind of cross-media advertising is normal for large brands, but it is rare that it is built around a fiction series.

The audience were invited to interact with the lives of three fictional characters - Anna, Luca and Jade – by looking through the intimate details in their phones over a 6 week period. They are feeding on the idea that a phone is not a utility it is part of our identities and the keeper of our secrets.

Nokia have a tradition of making interesting media to promote their phones going back to 1999 and the Nokia Game an ARG from before the coining of the term.

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