Post Thumb

A thirty two week collaborative simulation of the first 32 weeks of an oil crisis in which players were invited to talk about their own life as if the fiction were real.

This admirable game/drama launched in April 2007 and ran for 32 weeks. The creators didn't make the content - that was done by people who were invited or had discovered the site and generated their own content on whatever online platform they wanted. The makers defined the trajectory of the oil crisis and players responded by blogging or videoing, or leaving messages as though they were being affected by the fictional crisis. Some gave guided tours of their allotments, others imagined urban unrest. The content is not centrally held, instead it is on people's blogs, YouTube or Flickr pages. It was funded by San Francisco based ITVS who have a remit to encourage debate. The series slogan is Play it - before you live it. It won many awards and most of the content is still available in the archive.

See also Evoke, a "crash course in saving the world" funded by the World Bank Institute. It is an ARG aimed at helping young people tackle hunger, poverty, disease, war and oppression, water access, education, climate change. Unlike WWO it is aimed at a small group of players who have to dedicate 8 hours a week for 10 weeks (March 17 – May 26, 2010), plus a few days for pre-game orientation and training. It has 10 missions in ten weeks with the best player winning cash.