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The first ever soap opera created exclusively for iPhones and Android smartphones. A month in the loves, lives and dreams of four young people as they navigate the twists and turns of city life. Jamie wants to sleep his way to success, Andy wants to sleep with someone more exciting than his wife, Clare wants to sleep with her cheating flatmate’s perfect man while Jane wants to sleep with anyone who isn’t the freak calling himself her boyfriend. success, failure, hope and despair - watch as the drama unfolds in the palm of your hand.

As soon as the iPhone appeared I started looking for an app that would deliver me a drama. My wait is over. Persona is a soap delivered in five two minute episodes a week to your phone. Am I satisfied, now that my wish has been fulfilled? While the story is well done and the characters a good mix of annoying and interesting, I wonder if it is totally missing out on the possibilities provided by the smart phone as platform. Where is the social aspect to this ? Why isn't it interactive?

Is it enough to simply deliver a linear narrative to a phone, or should the content be more related to the platform? Discuss...