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A short experiential introduction to the wonders of the transmedia experience using phone messages, email and fake websites

This game is hosted on the website of No Mimes Media to act as a hands-on introduction to the possibilities of transmedia experiences.

Steve Peters is an early instigator of the Alternate Reality Game form and he and Maureen McHugh (et al) of No Mimes Media have done more than anyone to raise the profile of ARG's. Their big budget corporate ARG Threshold is reviewed elsewhere on Vonviral.

Mime Academy was made in 2009 and originally billed as a '10 minute ARG,' it's purpose to introduce potential clients to some of the possibilities of this longstanding cross-media form. Interestingly when it was represented by Peters and McHugh at SXSW in March 2010 it was billed as a '10 minute Transmedia Experience.' The term transmedia seems to have really stuck in 2010 to describe pretty much anything that tells a story across several media platforms.

Mime Academy is an excellent introduction to the possibilities of the form and well worth the short investment of time. It utilises phone messages, emails, a Youtube video and spoof websites to create a linear media trail. It requires some problem solving skills to jump from scene to scene. It is witty and well realised.

Webishades (2010) made by the same team is similarly quick to explore yet opens up a wealth of material to explore acting as an introduction to a number of American webseries.