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Initial ‘episodes’ of the series looked like the real posts of a 16-year-old video blogger called Bree. Initially about everyday teen preoccupations, later episodes reference occult themes and the disappearance of her parents. Bree also had a MySpace page where she communicated with followers of the series.

The hit rate of the early episodes spiked when, initially, people went to see if she was real or fake and then, once the story was out that it was a fiction, people went to see how easy it was to tell. They wondered if they would have been taken in. Some then continued to follow the series over countless episodes.

LG15 is the first web drama to be really big and talked about in the wider world.

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A later spin-off was KateModern funded by Bebo in the UK. See blog post on Kate Modern.
Miles Beckett on the making of LG15